Posted by: Anthony | October 3, 2009

Hello Prostitutes

     There is a horrible thing about to go on 5 houses up my street. It’s a sex-exchange. It’s where married, or unmarried couples go to find pleasure in hooking up with other men or women, prostitutes. This is probably the worst thing that’s ever happened in my town of 5,000 people. My youth group, AYG, planned a prayer meeting right outside of the place. We sang, and prayed that God’s kingdom would come down on this place, and upon the owner. Please continue to pray with us as we rebuke what’s going to happen before it’s too late.


Posted by: Anthony | October 2, 2009

AYG’s Football Team

     I’m loving Michael Helin’s editing skills. Here’s a brief announcement video from AYG:

Posted by: Anthony | October 1, 2009

Use The Cane You Crippled Lady

     I saw the most ironic thing today. There was a crippled lady limping down my street with a cane in her hand. But the thing was, she wasn’t even using her cane! She was suffering while she walked, and either forgot or she didn’t want to use what she had to support her. It was crazy. The thing she needed the most she had, but she didn’t want to use it.

     I’ve actually seen people like this all the time. When we are in depression or when times get extremely hard, we forget about the Bible completely. We tend to only read it on our good days. But the thing is, the Bible will help us the most when we our in times of depression or confusion. We forget that God’s word is life, and when we don’t take advantage of that during our time of depression, it’s just going to get worse. Take time to read the Word while you have problems, and see how it lifts, and supports you. 

Joshua 1:8Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.


Posted by: Anthony | September 25, 2009

Turn The Other Cheek?

     I never understood this verse until today. It says:

“But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn him the other also.” – Matthew 5:39.

     After reading the entire passage, I think Jesus was saying that we should win our enemies over by acting the extreme. In another words, to win them over by our acts of kindness even when they show hatred to us. That’s what Jesus called us to do. I’m not sure if I would turn the other cheek if I got slapped like this, though. Check this intense video out:

Posted by: Anthony | September 24, 2009

They Caught Me Passing Notes In Class

Another incredible service at AYG with some awesome annoncements.

Posted by: Anthony | September 21, 2009

NewSpring Series: How To Survive The End Of The World

     When I fist heard of church online, I was confused. I didn’t really think church could happen online. I was wrong. I tried out NewSpring church online, and it was awesome. It’s an incredible experience of God through worship and teachings. I’m not saying to go to church online instead of a physical church. I’m saying that if you want to attend an evening service, or if you’re sick and you can’t attend your church, to attend church online. NewSpring church has a great ministry online, and I encourage you to watch the video below, and to attend this series with me on the web.

Posted by: Anthony | September 17, 2009

AYG 2009 – 2010

     Wow! What a first service we had at AYG today. God is doing something huge in and through the lives of the missionary kids in Madrid. Our theme for this year is the called the MORPH ZONE: where we’re transformed into Christ likeness all the time. To do something different for this year, the staff of AYG came up with small groups for the youth group. Now, these aren’t just Bible study small groups, they’re groups for any student who wants to attend the group of art, music, video, or drama. Here’s what they’re used for:

Art: The artistic group will be making crafts such as posters for the school halls, and paintings to put on the walls of the building we use, and so on.

Music: Each person in the music group will be given the chance to be on the AYG worship team, and they will also be taught how to lead worship by our worship director Michael Helin.

Video: The video team will be filming and editing videos for announcements, sermon series, or even producing a message through video.

Drama: The drama team will be performing skits in the sermon each week to show a sermon through the use of acting. They will also be preparing skits for when we go evangelize on the street.

     The series we’re in right now is called “The Sermon On The Mount.” Jacob Bock will be taking us through the longest sermon ever recorded of Jesus. Here’s a little preview of what it is:

Posted by: Anthony | September 16, 2009

AYG Announcements

AYG’s first video announcement! Michael Helin filmed and edited all of this. He’s a cool guy. Enjoy!


Posted by: Anthony | September 13, 2009

Muslims Are Amazing Pt.2

     Like I said in my previous post, I’m learning a lot about Muslims in Bible class. The dedication from Muslims is incredible. But I also admire their discipline for their children. Muslims teach their children at age 3 what it means to pray. And the parents, and their 3 year old child pray together. It’s incredible how they train up a child in the way it should go. Sound familiar?

     Proverbs 22:6 “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”

     Muslims don’t teach their 3 or 4 year olds how to play football, or baseball. They teach them the importance of their beliefs and how to pray, and what it means when you pray. It’s so important that Christian parents treat their children the same way. Parents should teach their children from day one what prayer means, and what it means to be a christian instead of teaching them how to play football or baseball.


Posted by: Anthony | September 10, 2009

Muslims Are Amazing Pt.1

     This year in my Bible class, we’re looking at different worldviews. Worldviews are simply just religions, and how people view life. Well, I had no idea that Islam was the biggest worldview out there. They’re more Muslims than Christians, and that really stood out to me. But the one thing that really schocked me about Muslims, is how devoted they are to their god that doesn’t even exist. I was walking outside of the BurgerKing parking lot when all of a sudden, I saw a Muslim on his knees kissing the ground and praying. They pray five times a day. That’s crazy. That’s true devotion to me. And to think, they’re praying to a god that doesn’t even exist is even more shocking.

     Muslims pray five times a day no matter where they are or at what time. They are the most devoted people I’ve ever seen. Now if Muslims can devote themselves five times a day to pray and worship a god that doesn’t exist, how much more should Christians pray to God who does exist? Now, I’m really not thinking about becoming a Muslim, but I am thinking about becoming more devoted to pray and worship my God everyday. I also think the reason why so many people are becoming Muslims, is because they see how deovted they are, and it’s their lifestyle. If we as christians were to set up more times of prayer and worship for our God that exists, people would see that devotion in us, and know that there is a God that exist.


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