About Anthony

     My name is Anthony D. Santiago. I live in Madrid, Spain, and I am a missionary here. I’m studying in my 11th year of high school. I am on the worship team at the International Church of Madrid. I enjoy playing sports and meeting new people. Above all of this, my biggest part in life is my relationship with Jesus Christ. He is everything to me. I can do nothing without Him. The reason why I live is to do His exact will, and to speak the truth of salvation to the world.




  1. Hey Anthony, this is very cool. I am very impressed. I just printed out the molded candles for Rob. Keep up the great work, you have an amazing talent!!!!

  2. LOVE the analogy – keep up the writing and then we will be holding YOUR new devotional book:)
    Love ya,

  3. I really like reading your blog. You’re a good writer!

  4. Great job on your Blog. Just got through reading it. Let Christ keep guiding you Anthony. He has great things in store for you!!!

  5. Your Blogs are Awesome! You are def. following in the footsteps of your Dad and Brother. God’s def. using you in mighty ways!! Keep it up :]

  6. hey friend! i have been following your blog and the announcement video’s are looking GREAT! keep the blogs coming. see you in January!

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