Posted by: Anthony | December 29, 2009

Goals for 2010

We’re coming up on a new year here shortly and I’ve been trying to plan some goals for the year of 2010. Planning goals sounds like an easy thing, but it’s actually not. It’s not something you think of off the top of your head and say Yeah, I guess I could accomplish that next year. If you want to accomplish something, it takes much meditation and thought about how, why, and when you can accomplish goals. I was really thinking about how I could set up a phrase regarding how our goals should be. I came up with this: Goals can only be achieved when there has been thought, prayer, and confirmation for what you’re trying to accomplish.

Thought – I don’t mean like a simple thought that comes to mind that you find intriguing to accomplish. I mean some serious hot chocolate-by-the-fire thought. Find yourself a pen, paper, and a quiet place where you have time to think of what you really can accomplish.

Prayer – You might feel that your goals have nothing to do with God, but they actually have a lot to do with Him. Without His encouragement in you, you wouldn’t have the ability to accomplish what you want to accomplish.

Confirmation – I feel it’s really important that you discuss your goals with someone who knows you very well. You see, when we, humans, think of great dreams and goals that we want to accomplish, we become slightly arrogant and feel that we can save the whole world. That’s when your good friend comes in and says “Slow down there partner.” We need to discuss our dreams and goals with someone who knows us very well, and who will be willing to tell the truth regarding our goals.


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