Posted by: Anthony | October 21, 2009

Leadership Meeting #1

     Each year at my school, we have leadership meetings. Tuesday was the first meeting that took place for this year. Here are some thoughts we had to share about leadership:

You can be a great leader but not a good one. – We took Hitler for an example. He was an incredible leader! He encouraged an entire nation to follow him, but what he was leading them to do was horrible. 

– You are constantly looking up to someone, and someone is constantly looking up to you. – We remembered how as elementary students we would look up to middle school students, and as middle school students, we looked up to high school students, and as high school students we look up to parents, pastors, teachers, and the chain continues.

– Just ’cause you’re a leader doesn’t mean you get to make all the choices. – When you’re given a position of leadership, you aren’t there to call all the shots. You’re there to hear from other people, and to get ideas of what can be brought into your ministry, and then lead them in that direction.

– When you enter a church as a leader, you don’t ask what this church can offer you, rather what can you offer the church. – When we go visiting churches, we shouldn’t be looking as to if the music is good, if the preaching is good, or if the facilities are nice. On the other hand, we, as leaders, should serve, and be helpful to the church with service, and increasing ideas.



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