Posted by: Anthony | October 14, 2009

Running To The End

     Last week must have been one of the most faithful experiences of my life. It wasn’t a spiritual faith, it was a physical one. My coach on my soccer team decided to take my team out for a run up in the mountains. When we got to the top, there was a flat dirt road. He said he had done this before, and we were going to run until we reached the end of the road. The problem was, none of us could see the end. It was an endless road. We started running, and it got harder because we never stopped and we went forever without being able to see the end of the road. Our coach knew that there was an end to it, but we couldn’t see it until we got there, and we had to trust him that there was an end. 

     I think our Spiritual faith applies the same way. When life becomes a routine, even when it’s a good routine, there are always times we lose faith. We get so bored of our lives, and we lose hope in life. We treat life as if there is no end to it. It’s so easy to wake up and say that there’s no point in living. But even when we don’t see or feel like living because there seems to be no end, we still need to live like Christ. Even when we get up, and don’t feel God during our devotional time, we still must have faith and continue to be consistent. Even when we get to church and don’t feel God, we must still worship. Even when we don’t feel like witnessing, we must still be witnesses. 

     This is the most encouraging song I’ve heard about faith. Elevation worship is awesome.




  1. ok that song is amazing!!!! the lyrics are so perfect and the melody just makes you remember it… that is great…
    btw every time i read your blog i see how God is using you in everyday life and how he is working in you…it’s really great to see…=]

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